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The Finest Wood Deck Contractors in New Castle County, DE

Nothing says elegance like a finely made wood deck. Nothing feels better than to enjoy a deck that’s been custom-crafted to fit your home and your tastes. We at Deck Masters LLC offer the finest wood deck installations in Wilmington, DE. Wood decks can be a more affordable option as compared to composite decks. We offer a wide range of decking materials and we’ll ensure the work is done right. We have over 20 years of experience installing decks for home and business owners across New Castle County. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

High-quality and natural decking solutions

When considering a wood deck, it’s important to know your options. We offer a wide variety of wood decking choices and can give you advice on which options may best fit your needs. For a more cost-effective wood deck, we suggest treated lumber or treated CPA wood. Southern pine is also a popular choice due to its low cost and high availability. These decks do require more upkeep and maintenance to preserve their appearance over time.

Wood deck upkeep

Like any other portion of your home, wood decks require upkeep. Lower-end decking needs a bit more elbow grease than higher-end materials. Wood decks require staining and sealing throughout their lifetime.  A good rule of thumb is to stain or seal your deck every three years or so. Sealing your deck can prevent it from drying out, splintering, and warping. You should only clean your deck as needed. We’re happy to make suggestions for your wood deck project based on your preferences. We’re Wilmington’s leading deck installation service and we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. Call us today.

Call to learn about our wood decks! (302) 234 2177